Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love in A Headscarf [Final Part]~

Syukran ya Allah. At last, I've finished my reading on this novel. Although it takes me such a long time to finish, but I've learnt a lot from it. =)

I interjected, "That's why we say "practice what you preach", because that is the only way to have an impact."
[pg 206]

"The arrogance of the "I" separates you from the Divine and puts veils between you. The bigger your ego - the more we talk about our superiority as human beings - the further we recede from the secrets of the Divine and the universe. You have to remove the barriers between your heart and the Divine. Be nothing in order to be reborn into everything."
[pg 207]

"For God to be known, to be loved, someone or something has to do the loving and do the knowing of the Creator. Human beings are the best of all creatures, and they exist to know and love the Divine."
[pg 211]

What were the priorities and criteria for selecting a partner, and had modernity get it wrong? If not, why were more and more people single, and why were divorce rates rising, while we were all still desperate for love and companionship? How were romance, companionship and relationships interrelated and which should be prioritised?
[pg 252]

Love bring contentment because it means understanding and accepting yourself, and understanding and accepting others, because love can blind you to their imperfections. 
[pg 253]

I felt that he might shape himself round me and I round him until we created a complete circle, like the male and the female of the yin-yang symbol....The feminine held a contrasting circle of masculinity at its very heart; the masculine cherished a sparkling jewel of feminity at its core.
[pg 258]

Love is always the beginning of the story. No matter how intricate our esixtance before love, it is Love that transforms it from black and whit, to breathtaking, beautiful inspiring colour. That is not to say that life withour love has no meaning, far from it, life in all its minutiae is Love itself. 
[pg 262] 

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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