Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25: The Last~

Today, we'll enter the 25th day of Ramadhan 1432H which indirectly means that, we'll have another 4 or 5 days to grab all the golden chances and rewards offered by Him. Today also means I am officially free to let go my Final Year Design Project, the most memorable, chaos, bittersweet, laugh, fun and tears project throughout my life as a university student. Of course I will always remember all those moments in completing this project, although I strongly wish from deep down inside my heart, this will be the last one I deal with what so called as plant design activities. -_-

 FYDP Group 11 (24 Jan '11 - 24 August '11)

In approximately less than 15 hours, I will fly to my hometown. This gonna be the first time I'm using Firefly service, and I cannot avoid the feeling of nervous and excited to see and to experience how the service will be. Will it be good as Malaysia Airlines or just so-so like AirAsia? Just wait and see. And somehow, I cannot avoid myself from being melancholic when I realize the fact that, this is my last Ramadhan in this university, the place where I grow up from a teenage world to "an almost adult" world. Being here for almost 5 years taught me a lot, with all the invaluable experiences, meeting and knowing lots of people, lives throughout the ups and downs far away from my parent's eyes, learn to deal and encounter uncountable unexpected situations and most importantly, teach me to react towards all the things that comes along my way, of being a person and a servant of Allah. Oh, forget to say, this entry gonna be long, yes, very long for me who rarely write a long entry! =D

Somehow, this year I am having kind of iridescent fasting moments in this uni. From numbers of exciting activities and moments, until to accept the fact that it's a bid adieu time to numbers of  wonderful sisters and friends, who gonna leave this uni very soon and entering the second stage of being a Muslim according to Maratib Amal, Baitul Muslim. May Allah bless us in everything we do, regardless how far we gonna be separated after this, because a good remembrance from a friend to friend is via the most powerful medium, a sincere du'a. As quoted from Sis Hannan last night after our iftar, we may meet each other after this, but trust me, it will never be the same. The way we speak, and things that we gonna share will never be as deep as now. My heart do cries when I heard this statement, but somehow, I cannot deny the fact that as time goes by, people will change and their environment play a main role in contributing towards these changes. And I must bear in mind that, next semester might be tougher, the journey towards being a better Muslim will be harder, since this the nature of life journey as He promised in Chapter 90, verse 4.

 Sweet moment will always come for few seconds ;'(

Instead of activities with sisters, there are lots of moments created with all of my course mates. Starting with kind of disorganized Deans Lists award occasion, until an adhoc iftar together organized by Aminuddin Ishak, all of these activities somehow bring us closer, instead of "heavy workloads" that keep on haunting us towards the end of Ramadhan 1432H. Sometimes, I do fear if this Ramadhan will just leave me like that, with zero inner changes. I cannot deny the fact that some time, I do put more attention towards my workloads, instead of trying to grab as much as possible the great chances to collect the rewards offered as a preparation to entering the next stage of world, Barzakh and Mahsyar. The hadith as narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim somehow makes me afraid, if I have made my Ultimate Source of Tranquility envy, and finally He just gives what I wish for, since He do not wants to hear me anymore ;'(

"Sesungguhnya Allah itu cemburu dan orang mukmin itu (juga) cemburu. Dan kecemburuan Allah itu adalah apabila seorang mukmin melakukan apa yang Allah haramkan atasnya.”

 DL Awards (Environment Group) [The lady in purple will change her title from Miss to Madam soon :)]

While completing the academic tasks, there are some moments when I cannot hold the negative feelings and expressions, which in Islam, we are prohibited to do so... However, I still believe that the chance still exist for me to correct what is wrong and to improve what is not totally right. Allah is generous, and that is why He always give the chance for us to return to the right track through repent. And hopefully, with the remaining days of Ramadhan leave, I will be able to catch all the offers that I've lost.. ;'(

This Ramadhan also have been a good platform somehow, since I think some of bad things before Ramadhan have changed to better. To you that involved, I am sorry and may Allah grants us with the best in future. Although is Islam the maximum days to keep having a "cold silent" are three days, I really hope that Allah will forgive us for all these matters since it is exactly after two months that I can totally forgive and partially forget all the things that happened. As usual, mistakes are part of being human, and we are both physically perfect humans.

Lastly, I pray that everything will runs well and smooth, together with His blessings in all the things and matters that we do and we plan to do. Life is somehow about learning and creating memories, and as quoted from Sis Fasihah, good days give happiness, bad days give experiences, worse days give lessons and the best days give memories. After all, every single things happened in our life basically have its own reasons and purposes. Alas, most of us will just realized about it when it seems to be kind of late already but do not regret about the past, since past is past, and we still have the power to control what will happen next through our deeds, our actions and our prayers. Wishing things to be better without any efforts are meaningless, but when things do not come up as what we plan after we put all of our hearts and sweats into it, just accept it, because that is the best for us, and always remember that, He always know why. 

May Allah grant all of us with the third phase of chance offered in this holy month, and may He eases us in everything that we do. We never know when we'll enter the next stage of life, and may this month contributes a lot in our preparations. As quoted from Sis Syah during our Wida' 8 days ago, 

"Muamalat yang paling pasti dalam kehidupan kita di dunia ini adalah MATI"

Salam Ramadhan 1432 H
Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Iftar CJ7 [15 Ramadhan 1432H]
Credit to Khairudin Saad

 ~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 21: Remembrance of Al Quds~

Terbuka akan helaian nota halaqah bertarikh 15 Julai 2010,

Seorang ustaz berkata, di saat piala dunia, ada yang rajin bangun qiamulail, kiblatnya televisyen dan wiridnya "GOL!". Sedangkan di Palestin, Iraq, Afghanistan dan Pattani, umat Islam berkecamuk mempertahankan aqidah, membeli syurga dengan titisan darah..

Di saat 10 hari terakhir Ramadhan sudah memasuki tirainya, marilah sama-sama kita bermuhasabah,

What will be the outcomes of my Ramadhan of this year?

What will be the output of the "reactions" inside myself in this holy month?

And do not forget,

Di manakah Al Aqsa dan Palestin di hati kita?

Kenapa harus tahu dan kisah tentang Palestin, tentang Al Aqsa?

Memetik kata penakluk Baitulmaqdis, Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi,

"Siapa yang menakluki Palestin, maka mereka akan menguasai dunia."

Dan jika dilihat dunia hari ini, siapakah yang menjadi pendominasi utama? (Marilah sama-sama berfikir dan melihat dunia)

Ayuh pemuda dan pemudi, mari berusaha untuk menjadi seperti Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi.

p/s: Bulan Ramadhan mungkin boleh menjadi platform terbaik untuk memboikot produk-produk yang menjadi penyumbang utama kepada peluru-peluru yang menembusi jasad saudara kita di Palestin, terutama buat mereka yang masih belum punyai kekuatan untuk memboikot ;'( Ini baru sekadar memboikot, belum lagi perlu turun ke medan juang dan menjual titisan darah demi membeli syurga....

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 17: Bid Adieu~

Pada wajah itu
Ku lihat ada sinar
Yang ku yakin akan terus sirna 
Bersama derapan langkah yang kan terus mara
Dalam keazaman yang tetap membara
Kerana aku dan dia
Dia dan kamu 
Dan kita semua 
Punyai satu hati, jiwa dan rasa
Meskipun jasad tak lagi bersama
Meskipun mungkin takkan lagi bersua
Tapi kita ada Dia
Yang akan terus mengikat rasa cinta
Dalam nyanyian Rabithah dan ucapan doa...

Di kala kau merasa lemah
Dan aku mungkin tersalah langkah
Carilah warkah dan utusan kasih yang barokah
Imbaslah kembali memori indah berhalaqah
Kerna sesungguhnya kita dijanjikan untuk hidup dalam payah...

Andai aku pergi dulu sebelummu
Ku mohon kau kirimkan aku nota tulus dan restu
Kerana hati kita sebenarnya akan terus menyatu
Tanpa dibatasi ruang dan waktu...

Mengenali dirimu bukan satu kebetulan
Tapi suratan daripada Ar-Rahman...

Memberi bukan untuk disayangi
Menyintai bukan untuk dikasihi
Moga bersua kembali di negeri abadi
Dan kita akan terus bersama dalam dakapan Illahi...

Wida' SISMA 1432 H
17 Ramadhan 1432 H
-kau ada aku, aku ada kamu, dan kita ada Dia-

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 14: Persevere~

Daripada Aisyah, Nabi SAW bersabda yang bermaksud: “Wahai manusia, lakukanlah amalan mengikut keupayaan kamu. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak jemu sehingga kamu jemu. Amalan paling Allah sukai ialah amalan yang berterusan walaupun sedikit.”
(Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

Maka tetaplah kamu pada jalan yang benar, sebagaimana diperintahkan kepadamu dan (juga) orang yang telah tobat beserta kamu dan janganlah kamu melampaui batas. Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Melihat apa yang kamu kerjakan.
(Surah Hud: 112)

Have you ever heard an English quote saying "slowly but surely" ? Somehow we can relate this quote with a hadith and a Quranic verse as mentioned above. In Islam, we can say  persevere as ISTIQAMAH. Why we need to be persevere in all good deeds that we do?

Before I proceed, I think it's better if we can ask ourselves this question. Is it hard to be persevere? Do we need to be highly determined and discipline in order to be istiqamah in any good deeds and practices that we do? If the answer is yes for both of the questions, you're actually can find the answers on why Allah do loves His servants who're persevere in doing good things in their life. 

"Syurga itu manis kerana mujahadah itu pahit"

Of course we need to mujahadah a lot in order to be an istiqamah person. Inner and outer obstacles are not easy things to be faced and to be gone through, especially in today's high technology world. Sins that might become the silent killer of our istiqamah are very hard to be seen and to be detected, unless we have purely white and clean heart. Why I said so? Because only those with pure heart can be very sensitive with every single action they did that might stray away from the right path.

p/s: Currently in unstable mood. The reactor design somehow send me spinning. Boom, boom, boom~

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 8: Mummy & Daddy~

"Dan rendahkanlah dirimu terhadap mereka berdua dengan penuh kesayangan dan ucapkanlah: "Wahai Tuhanku, kasihilah mereka keduanya, sebagaimana mereka berdua telah mendidik aku waktu kecil"."
[Al-Isra': 24]

The words rendahkanlah dirimu terhadap mereka berdua dengan penuh kasih sayang dalam petikan ayat diatas show to us on how Allah do urge His servants to respect and and to honor their parents. To those who are still single, they should love their parents after Allah and Rasulullah, and for the ladies that already fulfilled half of their deen, they should love their parents after Allah, Rasulullah and a man called a husband.

I still remember when I read about one welfare association that requested for people contributions in order to support their homes for those old folks, one thing that automatically comes across my mind was how could their children sent them to this homes and then just leave them without any single word. Actually, I'm not saying all those people that sending their parents to the old folks homes are bad, since there are the cases where the parents are actually want their children to send them there because of loneliness, and their children do regularly visit them.

There must be a reason why their children sent them to the homes. Somehow, I do agree with this statement after reading numbers of current news regarding the cruelty towards own children nowadays. However, back to the basic, the persons called parents are also human. As I always mentioned before, doing mistakes are part of being human. And as a child, we need to set up our mind that we're being raised up by humans, not angels. And of course, they cannot avoid themselves from doing something that we may think as wrong, but in Islam, there's a way we can try to advice and talk to them so they can realize about their mistakes.

I still remember when I was travelling with a friend of mine to Kuala Lumpur for an Oil & Gas occasion few months ago, and I was quite impressed with the way he/she talked to his/her mom. It also makes me realized that to start or to create a sweet moment or conversation, somehow we as the children need to start it first. Maybe some people might say it's easy to say rather to be done, but in order to get something, we need to start something. Sometimes, words can make a huge changes. And I cannot avoid myself to admit that his/her way somehow really makes me think that part of Boyzone's song entitle "Words" do works well.

"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away."

I still remember during my adolescent times, somehow I do find it's hard to talk to my dad. Even until today, I cannot avoid the fact that I still cannot share everything with him as I did share everything with my mom. Plus, my dad is kind of person that cannot hear his daughter's cry, or else his voice will change into kind of nervous tone. During my second year, it was after I finished my Probability & Statistics paper where I immediately cried once I get out from the exam hall since I cannot answer almost all the questions. What I did was I tried to call my mom who was performing her Hajj that time, but I cannot reach her. Then, I tried to call my dad, and when he heard my crying voice, he suddenly sound nervous. Few seconds later, I received a call from my mom, and I was kind of surprised when my mom said, "I really thought it's about serious matter. You know what, your daddy came to me with vim and vigour since he really thought that something worst had happened."

And her statement somehow strike my heart, since I was totally touched that time. And from that moment, I do realize that a father's heart is very soft, and he do loves us in their own way. It's just a natural nature of a man, who prefer to hide their true feeling as compared to a woman who prefer to show their feeling most of the times. Understanding the basic nature of a man and a woman somehow very important for us, who gonna enter the world called adults soon, since we cannot deny the fact that as our parents grow older, they will become more sensitive, more or less likely the toddler does.

Hope this Ramadhan will change us to be a better child, since there is a hadith in Riwayat Baihaqi saying that,

"Sesiapa yang memancing kemarahan ibu bapanya bererti dia memancing kemurkaan Allah dan sesiapa yang menyukakan hati ibu bapanya bererti dia membuat Allah redha kepadanya."

Somehow, this hadith indirectly told us that our ibadah can be nothing if we're disobedient towards our parents in all kind of things except for tauhid & akidah matter. Lets this Ramadhan be a starting platform for us to be more faithful towards our parents, since without them, we're not who we are today. They might did something that is totally wrong, but we need to bear in our mind that, our parents are human, and we're being raised up by those who have the same nature with us.

Love Allah, love Rasulullah and love our parents. Brings our heart home :)

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4: Sorry (^_^)~

Alhamdulillah, sudah masuk hari keempat kita berada dalam bulan yang penuh barakah ini. Semoga semua ibadah dilakukan dengan penuh keikhlasan, beserta dengan hati yang benar-benar merasai kehadiran Allah setiap masa. Sebagai manusia yang fitrahnya pelupa, adakalanya kita tersasar, dan lantas apa yang dikerjakan adakalanya melampaui batas, atau mungkin juga dilakukan bukan kerana-Nya. Semoga bulan yang mulia ini, memberikan ruang yang cukup untuk kita bermuhasabah kembali, di mana sebenarnya Dia di hati.

Tidak dinafikan, dalam mengharungi kehidupan seharian, kita kerap kali diuji dengan ujian yang terkadang menyesakkan dada, menyempitkan jiwa. Sesekali, air mata akhirnya menitik juga, refleksi kepada lukanya hati dek tindakan insan-insan di sekeliling kita. Lantas, kita cenderung untuk memendam rasa, dan mungkin juga kesan hati yang luka membuahkan rasa dendam tanpa sengaja, tanpa dipinta. Pada saat inilah, kita seharusnya membuat introspeksi diri, tentang sejauh mana kita sebenarnya merelakan diri untuk diuji. Ya, kita ini manusia biasa, sesekali jiwa terhiris, sepatutnya dianggap sebagai lumrah yang biasa. Bukankah Allah telah berfirman dalam Surah Al-Balad ayat 4 yang bermaksud,

"Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan manusia itu dalam kehidupan bersusah payah."

Di sini sudah jelas, Allah menciptakan kita untuk hidup dalam keadaan bersusah payah. Daripada keperitan hidup ini jugalah, kita sebenarnya sedang diberi peringatan, agar tersedar dari lamunan kealpaan. Dan seandainya kita sedar akan hakikat ini, pastinya kita dapat mengakui kelemahan kita sebagai seorang hamba, yang sesekali akan terluka, dan tidak dapat pula kita nafikan, kita juga pernah menjadi yang melukakan, baik secara sedar, mahupun tanpa sedar.

Mari sama-sama kita hayati kisah kemaafan Rasulullah saw yang tiada tandingan.

Seorang lelaki musyrik bernama Tsumamah bin Itsal dari Kabilah Al Yamamah telah pergi ke Madinah dengan tujuan untuk membunuh Rasulullah. Dengan persiapan yang serba lengkap, dia pergi mencari majlis di mana adanya Rasulullah dan setibanya dia di tempat tersebut, Umar bin Al Khattab yang melihat penampilan buruknya datang menghalang. 

Umar pun bertanya, "Apakah maksudmu datang ke sini? Bukankah engkau seorang musyrik?"

Dengan terang Tsumamah menjawab, "Aku datang untuk membunuh Muhammad!"

Mendengar ucapan Tsumamah, Umar pun merampas senjatanya dan mengikat Tsumamah pada salah satu tiang masjid dan segera melaporkan hal ini kepada Rasulullah. 

Rasulullah segera keluar dan menemui Tsumamah. Setibanya baginda di hadapan Tsumamah, ditatapnya wajah Tsumamah dan baginda berkata kepada para sahabatnya, "Sudahkah kalian memberinya makanan?"

Para sahabat yang berada di tempat kejadian sangat terkejut dengan pertanyaan Rasulullah, dan Umar yang menunggu perintah untuk membunuh Tsumamah sejak tadi seakan-akan tidak percaya dengan apa yang didengarinya. Maka Umar pun bertanya, "Makanan apakah yang anda maksudkan wahai Rasulullah? Orang ini datang untuk membunuh, bukannya untuk masuk Islam!"

Rasulullah tanpa menghiraukan Umar terus berkata, "Tolong ambilkan segelas susu dari rumahku, dan bukalah ikatan orang ini."

Meskipun berasa hairan, Umar hanya mematuhi arahan Rasulullah. Usai memberi minuman, Rasulullah berkata dengan sopan kepada Tsumamah, "Ucapkanlah La ila ha illallah." Tsumamah terus menjawab, "Aku tidak mahu mengucapkannya."

Rasulullah tidak berputus asa. Baginda memujuk Tsumamah lagi, "Katakanlah tiada ilah selain Allah, dan Muhammad itu Rasul Allah." Namun Tsumamah masih menjawab dengan nada yang keras, "Aku tidak akan mengucapkannya."

Para sahabat Rasul yang turut menyaksikan kejadian tersebut berasa sangat geram terhadap orang yang tidak tahu diuntung seperti Tsumamah. Rasulullah malah mengambil keputusan untuk membebaskan Tsumamah dan membenarkan dia pergi.

Belum jauh Tsumamah pergi dari masjid, dia kembali dengan wajah yang lebih mesra kepada Rasulullah dan terus berkata, "Ya Rasulullah, aku bersaksi tiada ilah selain Allah dan Muhammad Rasul Allah."

Rasulullah tersenyum dan terus bertanya, "Mengapa engkau tidak mengucapkannya ketika aku memerintahkan untukmu?"

Tsumamah menjawab, "Aku tidak mahu mengucapkannya ketika engkau masih belum membebaskan aku kerana khuatir ada yang menganggap aku masuk Islam kerana takut kepadamu, tetapi aku masuk Islam setelah engkau membebaskan aku semata-mata untuk mengharapkan redha Allah Rabbul Alamin."

Subhanallah. Hebatnya kuasa kemaafan terhadap seseorang sehingga mampu melembutkan hati yang keras! Memang tidak dinafikan, Rasulullah itu insan pilihan yang maksum dari segala dosa, tetapi bukankah tidak salah untuk kita berusaha memperbaik diri dengan mencontohi akhlak baginda?

Hati yang terluka memang mengambil masa untuk kembali pulih seperti sediakala. Dan menghulurkan kemaafan setulus hati bukannya perkara yang mudah untuk dilaksanakan. Saya sendiri mengakui kenyataan ini. Tetapi, apabila terfikir akan ketidaksempurnaan diri yang pastinya turut melukakan insan sekeliling, saya adakalanya terfikir juga, lantaskah sukar bagi kita untuk menghulurkan sebuah kemaafan, pada saat kita juga membutuhkan kemaafan daripada orang lain? Ya Allah, lembutkanlah hati ini dan hiasilah diri ini dengan peribadi yang mulia serta akhlak yang benar...

"Perkataan yang baik dan pemberian maaf lebih baik daripada sedekah yang diiringi tindakan yang menyakiti. Allah MahaKaya, Maha Penyantun"
[Al-Baqarah: 263]

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Akan Ku Ketuk Pintu TuhanKu...~

By Dr. MAZA...

 Taken from Youtube.

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Day 2: Infaq~

"Kamu sekali-kali tidak sampai kepada kebajikan (yang sempurna), sebelum kamu menafkahkan sebahagian harta yang kamu cintai. Dan apa saja yang kamu nafkahkan, maka sesungguhnya Allah mengetahuinya."

[Ali 'Imran: 92]

To whom we shall infaq our wealth?

"Mereka bertanya kepadamu tentang apa yang mereka nafkahkan. Jawablah: "Apa saja harta yang kamu nafkahkan hendaklah diberikan kepada ibu-bapak, kaum kerabat, anak-anak yatim, orang-orang miskin dan orang-orang yang sedang dalam perjalanan." Dan apa saja kebajikan yang kamu buat, maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahuinya."
 [Al Baqarah: 215]

Bukanlah menghadapkan wajahmu ke arah timur dan barat itu suatu kebajikan, akan tetapi sesungguhnya kebajikan itu ialah beriman kepada Allah, hari kemudian, malaikat-malaikat, kitab-kitab, nabi-nabi dan memberikan harta yang dicintainya kepada kerabatnya, anak-anak yatim, orang-orang miskin, musafir (yang memerlukan pertolongan) dan orang-orang yang meminta-minta; dan (memerdekakan) hamba sahaya, mendirikan salat, dan menunaikan zakat; dan orang-orang yang menepati janjinya apabila ia berjanji, dan orang-orang yang sabar dalam kesempitan, penderitaan dan dalam peperangan. Mereka itulah orang-orang yang benar (imannya); dan mereka itulah orang-orang yang bertakwa.
 [Al Baqarah: 177]

Infaq is a long term  investment, a good loan to Allah s.w.t :)

"Jika kamu meminjamkan kepada Allah pinjaman yang baik, niscaya Allah melipat gandakan (pembalasannya) kepadamu dan mengampuni kamu. Dan Allah Maha Pembalas Jasa lagi Maha Penyantun."
[At Taghaabun: 17]

"Dan sesungguhnya Allah telah mengambil perjanjian (dari) Bani Israel dan telah Kami angkat di antara mereka dua belas orang pemimpin dan Allah berfirman: "Sesungguhnya Aku beserta kamu, sesungguhnya jika kamu mendirikan salat dan menunaikan zakat serta beriman kepada rasul-rasul-Ku dan kamu bantu mereka dan kamu pinjamkan kepada Allah pinjaman yang baik sesungguhnya Aku akan menghapus dosa-dosamu. Dan sesungguhnya kamu akan Kumasukkan ke dalam surga yang mengalir di dalamnya sungai-sungai. Maka barang siapa yang kafir di antaramu sesudah itu, sesungguhnya ia telah tersesat dari jalan yang lurus"."
[Al Maidah: 12]

Allah promised that every sincere infaq will be repay :)

Katakanlah: "Sesungguhnya Tuhanku melapangkan rezeki bagi siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya di antara hamba-hamba-Nya dan menyempitkan bagi (siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya)". Dan barang apa saja yang kamu nafkahkan, maka Allah akan menggantinya dan Dia lah Pemberi rezeki yang sebaik-baiknya.
[Saba': 39]

 ~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1: Thoughts~

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jauhilah kebanyakan dari prasangka, sesungguhnya sebagian prasangka itu adalah dosa dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain dan janganlah sebahagian kamu menggunjing sebahagian yang lain. Sukakah salah seorang di antara kamu memakan daging saudaranya yang sudah mati? Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Penerima tobat lagi Maha Penyayang."
[Al-Hujurat: 12]

"Barangsiapa menempatkan dirinya di tempat yang menimbulkan prasangka maka janganlah menyesal kalau orang menyangka buruk padanya."

[Saidina Umar Al-Khattab]

Taken from Google Image

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~