Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25: The Last~

Today, we'll enter the 25th day of Ramadhan 1432H which indirectly means that, we'll have another 4 or 5 days to grab all the golden chances and rewards offered by Him. Today also means I am officially free to let go my Final Year Design Project, the most memorable, chaos, bittersweet, laugh, fun and tears project throughout my life as a university student. Of course I will always remember all those moments in completing this project, although I strongly wish from deep down inside my heart, this will be the last one I deal with what so called as plant design activities. -_-

 FYDP Group 11 (24 Jan '11 - 24 August '11)

In approximately less than 15 hours, I will fly to my hometown. This gonna be the first time I'm using Firefly service, and I cannot avoid the feeling of nervous and excited to see and to experience how the service will be. Will it be good as Malaysia Airlines or just so-so like AirAsia? Just wait and see. And somehow, I cannot avoid myself from being melancholic when I realize the fact that, this is my last Ramadhan in this university, the place where I grow up from a teenage world to "an almost adult" world. Being here for almost 5 years taught me a lot, with all the invaluable experiences, meeting and knowing lots of people, lives throughout the ups and downs far away from my parent's eyes, learn to deal and encounter uncountable unexpected situations and most importantly, teach me to react towards all the things that comes along my way, of being a person and a servant of Allah. Oh, forget to say, this entry gonna be long, yes, very long for me who rarely write a long entry! =D

Somehow, this year I am having kind of iridescent fasting moments in this uni. From numbers of exciting activities and moments, until to accept the fact that it's a bid adieu time to numbers of  wonderful sisters and friends, who gonna leave this uni very soon and entering the second stage of being a Muslim according to Maratib Amal, Baitul Muslim. May Allah bless us in everything we do, regardless how far we gonna be separated after this, because a good remembrance from a friend to friend is via the most powerful medium, a sincere du'a. As quoted from Sis Hannan last night after our iftar, we may meet each other after this, but trust me, it will never be the same. The way we speak, and things that we gonna share will never be as deep as now. My heart do cries when I heard this statement, but somehow, I cannot deny the fact that as time goes by, people will change and their environment play a main role in contributing towards these changes. And I must bear in mind that, next semester might be tougher, the journey towards being a better Muslim will be harder, since this the nature of life journey as He promised in Chapter 90, verse 4.

 Sweet moment will always come for few seconds ;'(

Instead of activities with sisters, there are lots of moments created with all of my course mates. Starting with kind of disorganized Deans Lists award occasion, until an adhoc iftar together organized by Aminuddin Ishak, all of these activities somehow bring us closer, instead of "heavy workloads" that keep on haunting us towards the end of Ramadhan 1432H. Sometimes, I do fear if this Ramadhan will just leave me like that, with zero inner changes. I cannot deny the fact that some time, I do put more attention towards my workloads, instead of trying to grab as much as possible the great chances to collect the rewards offered as a preparation to entering the next stage of world, Barzakh and Mahsyar. The hadith as narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim somehow makes me afraid, if I have made my Ultimate Source of Tranquility envy, and finally He just gives what I wish for, since He do not wants to hear me anymore ;'(

"Sesungguhnya Allah itu cemburu dan orang mukmin itu (juga) cemburu. Dan kecemburuan Allah itu adalah apabila seorang mukmin melakukan apa yang Allah haramkan atasnya.”

 DL Awards (Environment Group) [The lady in purple will change her title from Miss to Madam soon :)]

While completing the academic tasks, there are some moments when I cannot hold the negative feelings and expressions, which in Islam, we are prohibited to do so... However, I still believe that the chance still exist for me to correct what is wrong and to improve what is not totally right. Allah is generous, and that is why He always give the chance for us to return to the right track through repent. And hopefully, with the remaining days of Ramadhan leave, I will be able to catch all the offers that I've lost.. ;'(

This Ramadhan also have been a good platform somehow, since I think some of bad things before Ramadhan have changed to better. To you that involved, I am sorry and may Allah grants us with the best in future. Although is Islam the maximum days to keep having a "cold silent" are three days, I really hope that Allah will forgive us for all these matters since it is exactly after two months that I can totally forgive and partially forget all the things that happened. As usual, mistakes are part of being human, and we are both physically perfect humans.

Lastly, I pray that everything will runs well and smooth, together with His blessings in all the things and matters that we do and we plan to do. Life is somehow about learning and creating memories, and as quoted from Sis Fasihah, good days give happiness, bad days give experiences, worse days give lessons and the best days give memories. After all, every single things happened in our life basically have its own reasons and purposes. Alas, most of us will just realized about it when it seems to be kind of late already but do not regret about the past, since past is past, and we still have the power to control what will happen next through our deeds, our actions and our prayers. Wishing things to be better without any efforts are meaningless, but when things do not come up as what we plan after we put all of our hearts and sweats into it, just accept it, because that is the best for us, and always remember that, He always know why. 

May Allah grant all of us with the third phase of chance offered in this holy month, and may He eases us in everything that we do. We never know when we'll enter the next stage of life, and may this month contributes a lot in our preparations. As quoted from Sis Syah during our Wida' 8 days ago, 

"Muamalat yang paling pasti dalam kehidupan kita di dunia ini adalah MATI"

Salam Ramadhan 1432 H
Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Iftar CJ7 [15 Ramadhan 1432H]
Credit to Khairudin Saad

 ~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~