Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eid 1432H~

Alhamdulillah wa syukurlillah...
Today is 8th Syawal 1432H and hopefully all the good practices that we did during Ramadhan still remain. :) And today, I'm already at my university, waiting to sit for my one and only paper for this semester, Jurutera Dalam Masyarakat (EIS). And in less than a week, I will fly again to my hometown, to spend another 15 days with my family before come back to this uni, to continue another remaining one semester before I graduate and face another stage of life, instead of student life :) InsyaAllah. May all the journey ahead full with His blessings~ Amin...

There's a lot of story to be told, until I do not know which one to be told and which one to be write first. Instead of wishing Salam Lebaran to all, I would like to congratulate one of my beloved sisters, Sis Fasihah, who already change her title from being a Miss to Madam, sharp on 10.27 am, 5 Syawal 1432 H. May the Baitul Muslim build will last forever till Jannah and may Allah bless you and your life partner till the end of time. I am so sorry for not coming to your wedding since I am still at my hometown during that day. And for another six walimahs on this upcoming 11th and 17th September, I would like to apology in advance for not being able to come since I will fly to my hometown again on this 10th. I am so sorry... May Allah eases all the preparations and I'll pray that the memorable ceremony will run smoothly as you planned. Amin...

 Some moments captured using my phone.

Talking about Eid, there's a lot of things have changed. And due to the changes, somehow I totally realized that I am getting older now. Haha :D Before this, it's kind of hard for me to admit an "Aunty" title given to me but during this Eid, I can't resist it anymore. How could I asked the nieces and nephews to call me "Kakak" anymore when my youngest sister who is still 5 years old also been called as Aunty Athirah? Oh oh oh -_- Even though I cannot deny the "uneasy old feeling" when being called as Aunty Zaza, but what can I do... I must accept the fact that all of us (my cousins on my dad's side) are mostly twenties and even a few already reach forties. The times run so fast and somehow I'm quite amazed that some of us have the Mak, Mummy, Ummi, Abah, Bapak, or Daddy title already. :) The 3 days visit to my dad's village which takes us approximately 5 hours from Kuching do brings lots of good news, especially about the newcomers to the big family. :)

And for this Eid, I have learned to bake some of the layer cakes instead of just pick, buy and serve. :D Baking layer cakes need you to have lots of patience since it do takes time, and I really mean it! And hopefully the spirit of baking will continue until next Eid, InsyaAllah... Although it takes lots of times, but seeing the cakes turn into reality will makes you feel satisfied, although some of the layers are not that even. Those who are kind of particular shall set their mind free from "perfection desired" when they are just about to try for the first time baking the cakes. Hehe~

And lastly, all the best to all my friends for this upcoming final examinations. Some of us are having their first paper as early as today and luckily mine is on this Friday :) After we put all our heart and sweat into it, just leave the results to Allah since He always know what we really need and what is the best for us. Maybe for some, having a good results is the best for them but we cannot deny that sometimes, an average results is the best for some, because Allah always knows why~ :) Maat Taufiq Wan Najah Fil Imtihan, and lets all of us do the best for the remaining small hours of being engineering students, and do pray harder for the best in every single aspect of our life :)

"If Allah helps you, no one can vanquish you. If He forsakes you, who can help you after that? So the believers should put their trust in Allah"


~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~