Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharing: The Weekends~

This weekend quite awesome for me since it was among the colorful days that I've spent with few of my comrades. :)

Last Friday, I visited Oil & Gas Asia at KLCC and that exhibition was quite beneficial for me since there are lots of new inventions especially related to my FYDP II. Shell and tube heat exchangers, safety equipments as well as new invented drilling and water treatment technologies are amongst the new tools displayed during the exhibition. In spite of this, I also can see the trend of market related to oil and gas industries.

On the next day, I went to a talk organized by Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia at Dewan Sivik MBPJ with my sister. The talk by three international speakers from Egypt, Kuwait and Indonesia somehow give me more deep understanding on what is currently happening in Middle East. The title of the talk was Ikhwan Muslimin's Role in Building New Middle East. The opportunity to be part of this prestigious event somehow had open my eyes that how the revolution is the most precious gift from Allah swt since independence is actually part of Islam. This revolution also indirectly prove the failure of Western system in controlling people. In addition, the way of the speakers delivered their thoughts was very fun and what makes this talk become more interesting was because it used tri-lingual instead of bi-lingual. :D 

Dr Nasser Sane (Kuwait): Who is the son of your father that is not your brother? 
[siapa bijak pasti boleh jawab ;D]

Yesterday, I spent few hours and money with my sister at Mid Valley. Something out of mind was happened and I thought it has made my weekend became more colorful somehow :D

The story begins when one of the Carrefour staffs asked us to participate in Pertandingan Melipat Baju Carrefour and both of us just directly agreed to join. Guess what? I got top from bottom from the total of six participants. Not very bad I think. Hahahaha. Pretty sure after this I need to go for housewife courses in order to enhance my clothes folding skills.  *wink.wink*

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I think this all for now. FYP and FYDP are crying to get my attention :P

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~


nadiah_abdllah said...

||Dr Nasser Sane (Kuwait): Who is the son of your father that is not your brother?

sapa? golongan kuffar ke?
men teka2 je. hehe.

Nur Izzati said...

nope. :P

it's u :)