Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Alhamdulillah, after more than 1000km distance traveled, I finally arrived at my campus last Tuesday. However, the journey from KL to Batu Gajah by using ETS somehow gives me motion sickness, which I rarely faced. The effect made me feel kind of dizzy and drowsy, all day long yesterday. Even I need to put my eyes off from my lecturer's slides during my only class yesterday. 

Since I cannot close my eyes whenever I tried to sleep yesterday evening, I tried to surf some information regarding motion sickness. Based on one website, it is actually a normal response to real, perceived, or even anticipated movement. Although this condition is fairly common and often only a minor nuisance, it may be incapacitating for people who travel frequently -- although the more you travel, the more you get used to the motion. The main cause of motion sickness is basically due to conflict signals send to brain from inner ear, body and the eyes. This makes me think like, erm... even different parts of our body do have conflict within themselves, how we can expect that conflict will never exist between two different humans? 

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The motion sickness somehow taught me that there are lots of unseen things that are basically related to our life. Even the cause of the sickness itself may teach us how beautiful Allah gives the comparison or parable so we may learn and get the lessons from it. Subhanallah :)

Start Again

Yep, once my foot step inside UTP, it's indirectly means that everything will start all over again. As long as I did not graduate from this university, the cycle will keep remains as usual. Even though I cannot focus very much during my first class yesterday due to the sickness, there are still many classes to be attend throughout this semester. I still and will always remember one of my comrades advice, do not let what you can't do to interfere with what you can do. :)

May Allah bless and eases all the way ahead. Lets us together try to fulfill every second that we have  till the end of our time only to get His pleasure and of course to be one of the members that will be selected to enter His forever paradise. 

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~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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