Thursday, May 19, 2011

Salahudin Ayubi~


Finally, yesterday I have finished reading two of my collections after quite a long time; Aisyah Ummul Mukminin and Salahudin Ayubi Penakluk Jurusalem. I admit that reading these kind of historical books somehow had boost my energy and spirit and I hope that courage will last for quite a long time.

Alas, I have only four more days to spend in my hometown before I fly back to my campus. Hopefully, everything will be fine since I need to admit that as time goes by, things gonna be tougher. FYDP II, FYP I and another one or two unsure subjects will be my closest friends for next semester. Why I said unsure? Because I also do not know either I want to take one or two another subjects instead of my two projects.


I would like to share some of interesting parts in Salahudin Ayubi written by Abdul Latip Talib. I think that  this part quite relevant with today's situation where we can see there a lot of Muslims all over the world but they did not unite together as sisters and brothers.

Taken from page 249 onwards,

"Apabila umat Islam bersatu, mereka kuat dan musuh tidak berani melakukan kezaliman, tetapi apabila umat Islam berpecah belah, mereka ibarat buih yang banyak tetapi lemah," kata Sultan Salahudin bin Ayubi.

"Benar, Rasulullah pernah berdoa tiga perkara. Pertama, umat Islam tidak dihapuskan dari muka bumi dan Tuhan menerimanya. Kedua, umat Islam tidak mati kelaparan dan doa itu juga dimakbulkan oleh Tuhan. Doa yang ketiga pula supaya umat Islam tidak berpecah belah, tetapi doa itu tidak dimakbulkan Tuhan," Bahaudin pula menyampuk.

"Mengapa Tuhan tidak makbulkan doa nabi supaya umatnya tidak berpecah belah?" tanya Panglima Muluk.

"Allah hendak menguji siapa umat Islam yang kuat imannya," jawab Sultan Salahudin bin Ayubi.

The first doa by our Prophet somehow remind me of our discussion during halaqah with Umi last Tuesday. Umi did mentioned that how grateful we should be since Allah always give us the chances to repent and back to the right path even though we have commit lots of sins. Compared to those who live during Noah's, Lot's, Moses's and Salih's for example, they were not given any chances to repent. Allah directly punished them  without any signs after they have been remind by their Prophets at that moment  and as a follower of Muhammad saw, we shall be thankful and always remind ourselves that every second passed should not be wasted with nonsense matters which can make us stray from the right track. Allah loves us, that's why we're given many chances to repent from our mistakes.

p/s: While waiting for my sister to complete her medical check-up this evening, I have bought three more new books; Muhammad Al Fateh Penakluk Konstantinopel, Petunjuk Sepanjang Jalan and Aku dan Al Ikhwan Al Muslimun. Hope can finish reading those before fly this 24th :) 

p/s: Is there still exist a man like Salahudin Ayubi in today's generations? Wondering....

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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