Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sharing: Happy Teachers Day & 4K~

Dear all teachers regardless where you are for time being, Happy Teachers Day! :)

May all your kindness will be repay with the best rewards by Allah s.w.t...

You're the heroes, without you, we are not who we are today...

MRSM Kuching [2002-2006]

UTP [2007-2011] InsyaAllah...

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to watch "Tanyalah Ustazah", a talk show hosted by an Ustazah which I cannot remember her name. One of the guests did asked about some tips for a working mother on how to teach and raise up their children. Since most of my friends including myself were in final year, I think the tips are quite beneficial to be shared here. Basically, the tips can be simplified into 4K, which are (in Malay):

1. Komitmen.
What I still can remember, as we can give our commitment to our work, same things shall be applied in educating our children as well. Commitment is basically a major factor that will make everything runs well. If we can give our commitment, insyaAllah, we will be able to overcome any obstacles that we face by hook or by crook.

2. Konsistensi.
Consistency is another factors that we must practice in educating our children. For example, let say we have something to teach which to be implemented in daily life to our children for today, please make sure that on the next day onwards, we keep on remind them to practice things that we have taught in a good manner. One statement that I love most when she mentioned about this tip was:

"Jangan sampai akhlak kita runtuh pada saat kita ingin memperbetulkan akhlak anak-anak kita."

Wondering what does this statement really means? I believe all of us can understand the meaning by ourselves.

3. Kreativiti.
Once we return from our work, those who do not have any helper or maid might have lists of activities that need to be done before comes the next day. She also mentioned that it is lucky if we have a husband that willing to help us even to fold up the clothes, but for those who didn't, trying to put the clothes in a tidy way without fold it up also shows our creativity in order to avoid messy environment inside our home. Remember, this is not lazy, this is creative :)

4. Ketaqwaan.
This is basically the ultimate factor that we shall always remember in educating our children. Every single thing that we do will indirectly reflect our children in various way. Semakin jauh kita pergi dari Allah, we cannot expect our children will run nearer towards Allah. Allah akan menjaga hambaNya yang sentiasa berusaha memelihara Allah.

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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