Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sharing: The Life~

It has been few days only. But I don't know why, I feel like it seems to be like years... I miss his voice... Out of sudden, while performing my Isyak prayer just now, my tears burst out. I feel like I have not heard the voice for a long time...

After I finished my prayer, I dialed the numbers. I tried very hard to convince myself to not show up the "crying voice" while calling him. But, it is out of my control when he picked up the phone and said,

"Hi my baby, how are you?"

"I'm fine daddy. How are you then?"

When I heard his voice answering my call cheerfully, I began to smile. And the conversation goes well with many cheerful and exciting stories. Alhamdulillah. =) Allah had eases the way. If my father answered my call with his usual voice, I believe, I'll cry out more loudly.

Somehow, I do believe the reasons of having my hands full is not strong enough. Having this humdrum life in UTP with academic matters and other personal things are not a valid reason to just forget a while about my flesh and blood. And I thanks Allah for giving me the lose heart feeling which had took me back to my parents even though I  seems like to have a head like a sieve about them for about two-three days only.

Life So Far

The fifth week of our academic calendar is just about to leave. Seems like times had gone so fast but yet, the progress of things need to completed is not that fast and furious. Sometimes, I can feel that I am to be up to my neck in something for nothing!

However, I do believe the strength will always come through prayers. But when I looked back into Chapter 10 verse 12 of our Holy Quran, seems like I have been pointed out due to my own negligence. Astaghfirullah....

"And when affliction touches a man, he calls on Us, whether lying on his side or sitting or standing; but, when We remove his affliction from him, he passes on as though he had never called on Us on account of an affliction that touched him. Thus is what they do, made fair-seeming to the extravagant."

I still have more weeks to go. And I do believe, with this limited times, I must try to fall on my own feet in order to ensure everything goes well. And I would like to thanks one of my comrades for giving me a song entitled Jangan Menyerah by D' Masiv which helps me to have some motivation and inspiration while doing my tasks. May Allah ease and bless all the way, InshaAllah.. =)

Tak ada manusia
Yang terlahir sempurna
Jangan kau sesali
Segala yang telah terjadi

Kita pasti pernah
Dapatkan cobaan yang berat

Seakan hidup ini
Tak ada artinya lagi

Syukuri apa yang ada
Hidup adalah anugerah
Tetap jalani hidup ini
Melakukan yang terbaik

Tak ada manusia
Yang terlahir sempurna
Jangan kau sesali
Segala yang telah terjadi

Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan
Kebesaran dan kuasanya
Bagi hambaNya yang sabar
Dan tak kenal Putus asa

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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