Saturday, May 5, 2012

Missing Out~

Most of the times, we always look and what we doesn't have, or what we'll never have if we look in the perspective of  the "real eyes". But yet, there's nothing impossible, so do not stop dream & act. And we are struggling hard to achieve what is not ours yet, and we tend to forget on how to fully utilize and live our life at the present. 

It's good to be ambitious, especially dreaming of owning or achieving something good, especially when it is not just for ourselves, but for the sake of better ummah. We think, prepare and plan so that we can act in a precise way on how to reach our target and aim. Indeed, if you are fail to plan, you are plan to fail.

But sometimes, we need a pause to think back and check how balance we are in maintaining our present life and what we have plan. After all, what is guaranteed for us in this dunya is only one thing, which is DEATH. Have we even wonder what we have done so far in order to ensure that our transforming time from this stage into the next stage of life will be the most wonderful and excellent moment for us? 

Let us find a rest through a strong remembrance to Allah, and the best remembrance is that through the Quran. And ask ourselves, be honest;

"Will we allow our heart to find a rest through Quran?" 

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Just for a moment, pause, think & do remember... :))

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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