Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whisper: Back~

It has been quite a long time I haven't update anything here. Life goes on, and of course there's a lot ups and downs. Friends come, friends leave and even some friends, I may consider that I loss them. It can be hurt, but well, our life is like a movie, some people are exist in few scenes, and once the scenes are done, they may go. And we'll never meet them again, until the end of the movie :) Waiting for miracle to exist? Maybe ^.^

This entry may sounds personal. But yeah, this blog is mine :P But mind me, we have to write good things and put all the bad things deep down inside our heart. That's why Allah created heart for us, to keep the bad thing inside. Share only the lovely things, so we can spread the happiness all around. :')

Along these days, I mean a very long dayssss, many things happened. Somehow, when someone I neglect or never expected still keep updated on how I am doing, I do feel touched. If u are in my shoes, will you feel the same? But yeah, things that he keep on asking is something that.. erm, it's not for you to know :P

And reaching this state of life, it do makes me realized, only a few can be true friends. It's quite surprising when someone you acknowledge for being so sweet, kind hearted, extremely change once she/he reached another stage of life. I know we shall not consider it as a change, since everybody is in the phase of growing up. From teens to adults phase. But... Maybe, the memories are too melancholic to be remember. Passed is passed.

There are someone that will always be there for you :) For me, and for us.. And He is our Creator, the Most Loving, the Most Gracious :') Who can expect, the last person you get to know is the one that will always with you until today? Who can expect, the person whom you was once trust the most is the one that will silently betray you today? Who can expect, the want that you was once adore, have tremendously changes this moment? Well, this is life, expect the unexpected.

Life sometimes do pressurized you. It's the inner strength that make you can pull the stress back. So, always be strong, never expect, give more, and take less. And for Muslims, do pray Istikharah prior to decide EVERYTHING that is HARUS, as the fruit of Istikharah is very sweet :)

9-10-11, I miss those moments :')

Dear all readers, 

May the barakah will always be with us. Lets be productive...

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Counting the remaining leave... InsyaAllah ^.^

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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