Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Whisper: Untitled~

Often, we expect too much. But do less. Until one time, we do not realize that we've hurt others indirectly through our non-verbal language. Do not bother about the verbal ones, because it can hurt others more than triple times as non-verbal does. Until the others do not bother anymore and trying to persuade themselves to accept us as as who we are. And reaching this ending line, we just realize & it seems to be too late to realize.

How fragile trust can be, until we can turn all the good memories into an empty can just because of one deed or maybe just one statement. How brittle our love is, when it can turn into hatred just because of one scene that sometimes, we also do not why it happens. Too sad to admit that we have too weak the sense of acceptance, when we finally choose to ignore the people around us, just because we already tired to hold their hand, lending our ears to hear what their problems are...

Trying to put ourselves into others' shoes is not that easy. It's not about the matters that we only need to consider, but the causes, the reasons, the surroundings and the feelings of others in that current situations as well. And finally, we don't have any other options except to be grateful for being who we are...

Towards reaching this ending line, I finally find thousands reasons on how grateful I shall be, instead of finding even one reason to feel regret of what my past had lies. Because life is all about moving on, regardless how much the pain that you feel inside...

We have to let people make mistake, 
and trust that they will realize it, 
and correct it in time by themselves.
[Mike Scholey]

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~