Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Next Stage :) ~

10th January 2012, unofficially graduated from my university :)

Thanks to Allah, for always gives me the chances to improve myself through the ups & downs all these times. The next stage gonna be more challenging and I hope I can go through it with iman & taqwa. Currently in Kuala Lumpur for some good reasons, & tomorrow I'm gonna fly to Kota Bharu for another series of traveling. 

Ya Allah, please take good care of us :') 

Sweet Langkawi memory of mine [14-15 January 2012]

Dear CJ7-ians & my batchmates, till we meet again, InsyaAllah~ All the best in your future endeavors. :)

To those who always bear patiently with me, may Allah grants you with eternal happiness & from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thanks you for it...  Appreciate it so much...

To the current owner of NBG 2181, WLX 3540, AGJ 5753 & CBK 5958, thank you for everything. May Allah gives you the best rewards, in both dunia wa akhirat~

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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