Friday, September 9, 2011

Small Hours~

Seriously, I am crying, internally and externally. No words can can describe the exact feeling of mine for the time being, but one thing I can surely said, always appreciating people around us, regardless how are their characters, because the differences that exist among us are actually the "glues" that bring us together...

While I am looking to numbers of pictures during the old days here in this uni, a private message I received from one of my beloved sisters makes my tears burst...

"alahai..tak smpt nk jmpe2 dah sebelum kite jd bini org ek..lupe pulak awak balik esok..ishh"
[madam-to-be-soon, 2144, 09-09-11]

Looking into old days with her, seriously I can't imagine how do I am for now if Allah do not introduced me to her during my early days in this uni. Although our life journey is actually has been planned by The Almighty in Lauh Mahfuz, but somehow, the path of life is our choice. There always exist two directions for us to choose, and in every single decision that we made, it must be based on IMAN and TAQWA. And to know her here is one of the most precious gifts from Allah for me in this stage of life... ;')

Dear you, I pray from the deep down inside my heart....may Allah bless you in every single thing you do... May He eases all of your affairs and grant you with eternal happiness...Ana uhibbuki fillah...

Times run so fast.... [2008-2011]

Part of Tiga Kata song (KRU) somehow touched my heart, because the words are so true.. ;'(

Walaupun kita saling
Sayang satu sama lain
Tapi kenapa sukar meluahkan rasa
Berikan mereka tahu
Andainya hari esok
Ditakdirkan berpisah

Dalam kesibukan
Kita seringkali mula hilang kemesraaan dengan mereka di sisi
Tak rasa bersyukur
Tak rasa berbangga mempunyai bahu sedia untuk kita bersandar
Pejamkan matamu
Lihatlah di hatimu semua kasih terhimpun dibiarkan terkurung

Jadi luahkan sekarang luahkan...

 The remaining small hours... Place that I always hit during exam weeks~

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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