Friday, July 1, 2011

Sharing: The Doa' ~

I was quite surprised once I received an SMS from unknown numbers few days ago until that person reveal who she/he is. It's not the sender that matter, but the content really makes me feel so relief that how Allah had planned the journey of my life all this while and how He had makes it turns to be so wonderful one. Subhanallah!

Previously, I did write an entry regarding doa' and how Allah had makes it becomes reality out of our mind expectation. Somehow, there are lots of obstacles that we need to face along the journey to achieve what we really want and of course we cannot deny the fact that sometimes, we almost become despair and loss hope. But, when we rethink about the iridescent journey that we have gone through all these days, I believe, all of us will smile alone thinking on how beautiful Allah had created the way and makes our life become so meaningful. :)

I cannot stop smiling until now since the memories of all the things that I've gone through all these days still keep on  playing in my mind. It is so true that Allah is like what we think about Him and trust me, whatever good things that we keep on continuously praying for, He will never makes us disappointed and He even gives us the better one. 

Allah says wait, and He gives better :)

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And your Lord proclaimed, "Pray to Me, I will accept; indeed those who stay conceited towards worshiping Me, will enter hell in disgrace."

 ~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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