Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let It Go...~

This entry gonna be a long entry, since it has been quite sometimes I haven't enhance my writing skills. =P

Alhamdulillah, the most awaited Thursday has passed and I'm sure that 28th July 2011 will always remain in everyone hearts, especially Chemical Engineering students, batch January 2007. Finally, after a long sweet-bitter-sour of hardships (approximately 7 months), the Final Year Design Project has comes nearly to its end. Hopefully the final stage of this project will runs well and turns to be less complicated.

There's a lot actually that I've learned throughout this project. Since it is a group work, I can say that it's kind of life learning process as well since this project somehow taught me that everyone in this world are live to complete each other. Yes, complete each other since everybody have their own strengths, preferences as well as weaknesses. Like us, the tasks are divided according to the personal's strength and towards the end, somehow I've found out that how amazing our life could be if we can tolerate with each other and learn to give and take. Just a simple example; I hate drawing and love reading. So, I do in charge a lot in theoretical parts while another members that hate reading but love drawing will in charge on practical parts such as iCON, P &ID and PFD. The others will do another critical parts as well according to their preferences even though there is no favorite part in this FYDP actually. :P

Part of our Ammonia Plant that needs to be treat :P

And somehow, this semester's presentations did open my eyes since I can feel how Allah do love us as His servants. I have no word to say but one thing I can surely write here is, whatever it is, pray for good things all the times and Allah surely will answer your requests. And mind you, you will face lots of difficulties in achieving what you desired, but in the end, you will find the tranquility that you're searching for and you'll feel how amazing Allah had planned our life!

After the presentation, I went to Manjung for some reason with my friends. It is good since we managed to return back by Isyak time, and to you, thanks a lot  for the treat. Hopefully, there is still another treat in the future :P And to my "superhoney", thanks for being such a great partner. Hehe~

In less than 48 hours, Sya'ban will leave us and Ramadhan will come. I can say that I have another indescribable feeling towards this Ramadhan since I think I've been quite stray away from the right path in this semester. Whatever it is, I still hope there's still another hope for me to change what is incorrect and to improve what is not totally right. This semester have been quite challenging to me since there are lots of unexpected things happened and somehow I must admit that I've changed. And of course, I cannot deny the fact that whatever things happened will always remain in my mind, and to let things go easily is not as easy as one, two, three.

Having various characters of people in our surrounding somehow teach us something, it's just either we can realize about it or not. Many people tend to say something, write something or post something in their social network but somehow when it comes to the moment where they need to prove or apply what they said, I can say that these persons are totally failed! However, I still need to persuade myself that whatever good advices given to us, we need to appreciate it a lot, even though practically, those advisers did worst than us. We're human, and mistakes are part of being human. We really need to hold this statement strongly in order to avoid any hard feelings towards others or otherwise, we'll never live in peace. Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go~

I am actually already in "balik kampung" mode since I've settled 2 over 4 my flight matters. This August and September gonna be my travel moments since I will fly to the sky for four times in these two months. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and the ticket price will never increase crazily. I really hope that the Exam Unit will release the examinations timetable soon since the ticket price is keep on fluctuating; especially during festivities.

As for my projects, the final part will end soon and I really hope that the burden will be less. I cannot avoid the bored feeling in facing all these projects, but somehow I do believe that I'm gonna miss all the hardships that I've gone through in completing and fulfilling the requirement in getting the Bachelor (Hons) in Chemical Engineering. As mentioned in Chapter Al-Insyirah, verse 5 and 6, verily that after difficulties, there's release.

I do not know what else to be write on here, just hoping that this Ramadhan gonna full with all good deeds, blessings, loves, forgives and barakah. I am sorry for all mistakes that I've done, either by all means or not, and hopefully this bless Ramadhan will change us to be a better person. 

"Ku mengharapkan Ramadhan kali ini penuh makna...
Agar dapat ku lalui dengan sempurna..."

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~