Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sharing: Transitional State~

After quite some times, I finally manage to update something here. Yes, quite some times. I really meant it! As time goes by so fast, I can feel that everything that I do in this semester were like I am competing in a competition. I really need to be quick, fast, hurry, precise, accurate and everything that might relate to fast and quality, you just name it! Are these are the things that my previous seniors faced while completing their final year requirements? Now I understand, the powerful of statement that seems like I used everyday to persuade myself. "Never mind, this year gonna be the last one.. Just be patient. Bear it!"

Somehow, maybe things happened around me seems like giving me kind of surprise. Or maybe, I am in that transitional state or stage, where my mind still keep saying that I am young, but in reality, my heart do also agree that I am getting older. Older? Yep! That's it.

Before I'm doing my industrial training last June, it is seldom for me to hear about marriage, babies, dowries, and anything that falls under this category. But this semester, almost everyone around me do talk about this. Plus, few of my sisters and friends gonna end their "single status" soon, and some of them are walking towards another world that we-do-call-as m.t.b. M.T.B? Yep, mother-to-be. Of course everyone of us will be having that "Aunty" or "Mak Cik" status soon, but I already told those M.T.B to advice their child to call me as "Sister" or "Kakak" only. Honestly, I am not ready yet to be called with that title. Must be everyone that read this entry might think like, what the????????????? Hehe :P

Somehow, this transitional state seems fun, but of course, I can't avoid myself from having kind of sad feeling deep down inside my heart. I still cannot help myself to avoid the sense and feeling that this sister/ these sisters have been taken or will be taken soon by a person that we called as husband. Yes, I know that the ukhuwah and relationship is still there, but I strongly believe, the situation will never be the same.How could you expect the change of title from "Miss" to "Madam" will never change a particular person since the world they are facing is also different? But of course, the spirit, loves and all the memories that been treasured together will always be remain. Forever~

Another thing that I wanna share is about the academic assessment methods. So far, I can tell you that I have only a very few number of quizzes and tests for this semester. But, it still like not giving me enough time to be free and easy. It seems like all the assessment methods used by lecturers are more on relating the theoretical with practice, besides need us to move here and there a lot! I can say that I am quite happy while performing the tasks, but somehow, it makes me tired and fatigue. All of the assessments somehow need you to rely on the other people as well since only few assessment are being done  on individual basis. The rest? All are in group! I am not saying that I am dealing with wrong persons, but the point that I wanna stress out here is to keep the good relation amongst your teammates and comrades are not an easy tasks. Considering others availability, give and take, trying to accept them as who they are, understanding their nature of working, knows how to handle their weaknesses and utilize their strength are some of the things that I need to learn and sometimes, I can say that it makes myself better in improving my interpersonal skills. But of course, the cloud is not always blue (this is totally a direct translation.Hehe :D). After all, patience is the utmost value that I need to hold in order to make me feel less stress and to ensure the possibility for others to get hurt are also less.

I think, this is enough for this time. It may takes me another few weeks to update since the works that I need to complete are queuing like fishes in the UTP's lake waiting for some breads. May Allah bless and eases all the journey ahead... InshaAllah..

Just want to share one quote that I keep in holding in order to make me feel determine to complete all the things,

"Dan kerana TuhanMu, bersabarlah" [74:7]

 ~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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