Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nothing You Confess, Makes Me Love You Less~

As time goes by, I realized that sometimes confession bring a big means not only to me but everyone around me. Somehow, it makes me becomes a better person, maybe in both direct and indirect way. But still, the tradition of speak about something at the back keeps going on until today, which actually can turn to be a silence killer in all kinds of relationship.

I was born in a family where my parents will try to sit together with me and tell me what are the things that I have done correctly and what are the things that I shall not repeat and improve in the future. As I grow older, I realized how important this kind of confession was, and indirectly, it makes my relationship with my parents become closer as time goes by.

I remember when I was keep mumbling with my mom due to the workloads that I need to do once I return from the terminal where I performed my industrial training, my mom just smile patiently and said to me that this is the reality if I turn to be a working mother in the future. She said that by hook or by crook, I must get ready to face this type of situation since it is a nature for those woman that not hire any maid to help them to do all the home works.Even sometimes, those who hiring a maid also still need to do this since this is what do we called as responsibility. Dear mom, nothing you confess, makes me love you less~

Once upon a time during my early days in UTP, I always called my father whenever I face any types of difficult situations. Somehow, my daddy always said to me, why don't you ask your friend because I am also not familiar with Perak. I was kind of offended when my daddy told me that, but now I realized that I cannot rely on him all the times since there will be a time and situation where I must do everything on my own and rely on my friends. Dear dad, nothing you confess, makes me love you less~

I remember when my naqibah told me that most of the times, we need to fix with people needs and not try to beg for people in order to fix in with our own needs. Yes, we may beg for it  but only for sometimes. We live to give most of the times, not to receive all the times. Patience and prayer are the strongest weapon that we shall have in order to ensure we can face all the obstacles come into our life. And now I realized, how true this fact is and of course, I wanna say it again that nothing you confess, makes me love you less~

Most of the times, prior to close my eyes, I always try to recap all the things that I have done through out the day. Sometimes, I can feel that how ungrateful I was, since I was kind of not appreciating people around me. People may come and go slowly and suddenly. There is also a case where these people go without saying goodbye and even no hint at all that we will never meet again. 

It is important for us actually to confess on all the things that might burden our head and heart in order to ensure there will be no hard feeling between each other. It's just the way we confess that need to be adjustable according to the type of the person. Different people might need different approaches and I do believe that as time goes by, we shall understand our friends character very well.

Those who had advised me not to think bad about others, avoid to make any assumptions, learn to forgive and forget, try to understand others, accept people mistakes and learn, never hold any grudge, be co-operative, and many more good advises, I am glad that you have be brave enough to advise and confess to me. Believe me that nothing you confess, makes me love you less....

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~


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