Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short Notes: Ascertain~

We thought we could trust the military but then come Vietnam,
We thought we could trust politicians but then come Watergate,
We thought we could trust the engineers but then come the Challenger disaster...

The words above did caught my attention this morning while I take a short break after feeling a bit dizzy adjusting all the database of Security Department. Somehow I did agreed with this American since currently our campus was hit by way-to-escape-from-own-mistake statement inside one of the most popular local newspapers. Can I add "We thought we could trust the reporters but then come the liars and manipulators" ?

Whenever we want to display or produce something that will be view and read by the public, it is actually our RESPONSIBILITY to ensure all the sources are perfectly right and correct. That is why, Allah did mentioned in Quran about the importance of investigating any news or reports that we received or heard in order to avoid any mishap to others. In addition, this kind of mistake can make the others lost their trust towards us. So, what to do? Here is the answer =)

"O ye who believe! if an unrighteous person brings you any news, ascertain the correctness of the report fully, lest you harm a people in ignorance, and then become repentant for what you have done. "

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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