Friday, August 27, 2010

Sharing: Along The Road~

As I driving along the road on my way to the terminal, a woman sitting while holding her baby at the bus station caught my attention. It reminds me to one of the most popular authors in Malaysia about his life principle, “Erti Hidup Pada Memberi”. Out of sudden, my tears feel like to burst since it reminds me to my parent, especially my mother.

Today’s Stories

“Mom, how do you feel during your first pregnancy?” I asked my mother while both of us were sitting on the dining chair after we finished tidy-up the table after dinner.

“It seems like no word can describe exactly what my feeling during that time are. But one thing I’m pretty sure, I am so excited,” my mom replied, with a shining smile on her face.

I looked outside through the window. Most of the latest news reported in the newspaper disturbed my mind. A mental disorder father slaughter his own son, a drug-addict father pour acids onto his daughter, and many newly born babies disposed into the dustbin by their own mothers seems like a hot topic in the newspaper today.

Instead of proud with materials and technologies development in our country, I am sure most of us still not satisfied with it due to increasing of immoral cases. Setting up baby hatch, enforcement of laws and awareness campaigns about the dangerous of commit adultery seems like not work. Thus, is this the price that we have to pay for a dynamic development in our country nowadays?

“It is the government fault that failed to reduce these cases among the youngsters!” said one of the representatives from the opposition.

“Our education system is not good enough to create awareness among the teenagers so that they will stop themselves from involve with such immoral activities!” said another.

“We should include sex education in our education system!” proposed by one of the ministers.

“Instead of just bring the mother to the court, we also need to find the father by conducting a DNA test!” added by the others.

Most of the solutions proposed are just to punish the committers. Most of the comments given seem like to blame each others. No proper meeting. No consent agreement from all parties. Everyone wants to speak out their views. Everybody wants to say that they are the heroes. No one wants to listen. As a result, the numbers of immoral cases keep on rising from day to day. After all, most of these people just speak for their own political essence. And after sometimes, this matter will no longer been discussed. After few months, all these cases are considered as successfully solved!

Give More, Take Less

We cannot wait for the government to settle down this problem. It’s our responsible too. Who are the committers? They are among our community. We are closer to them. Do as much as we can. Be close to them so they will close to us. Treat them as how you want them to treat you. That is the golden rules of life.

Some of my friends did tell me that lack of religion knowledge is the root cause of this problem. Yes, I did admit that. We can see that most of us today are quite busy with our own business. You go along with your own way, I with my own way. Or maybe, no money no talk! As easy as that!

As long as you perform your five times daily prayer, fasting during the month of Ramadhan, that is good enough. Do your work with all your heart. At the end of the month, get your salary. That’s it. Is that the only purpose Allah create us to live in His world?

When someone ask us to do them a favour, we’ll think twice or maybe triple before we agree to do so. When someone asked us do we want to have extra money, we will nod our head immediately. Today’s life has been conquered by “ringgits” and “cents”. In the other words, the purpose of life today is for monetary factors. No more love. No more attentions. No more kindness. It’s all about money. It’s all about positions.

“We live to give as much as we can. Not to take as much as we want to.”

This is one of the most popular quotes that I heard from my favourite radio station, In addition to that, they did mention that this is one of the sources of happiness. And I also do believe that, to preach is easier than to do. But, we still can make our effort to practice this in our daily life.

Be Optimist

“How do I can help them if I am also not that good?”

I do believe that this question always trigger our mind whenever we do have an intention to help those unfortunate people. Lack of knowledge, do not know what exactly to advice, fear of the same thing might happen to ourselves, they might replied us that we’re not in their shoes, are some of the obstacles that we have to face.

My dear, this is the real world. Everything that we do, we have to face what do we called as problems. And it is depend on us either we want to overcome the obstacles or to be the slaves of it. If we choose the second option, we’ll never do anything at last!

From one of the books written by Steve Chandler, he did mentioned that the optimist always does a little something. She or he always takes an action and always feels like progress is being made. Let us be the optimist one! =)


I finally arrived at the terminal at 8.21 am. I still clearly remember the woman sitting at the bus station holding her baby with a face full with loves. I believe that she’s waiting for the bus with patient and without any mumbles. I always pray that Allah will grant me with strength and to always fill my heart with loves, cares and respects eternally.

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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