Sunday, April 29, 2012

Katak oh Katak~

Alhamdulillah, pagi tadi berkesempatan menghadiri usrah di rumah Ummi Sadiah... 

And I would love to share about one sharing from one of my usrahmates with regards to "the frog inside the kettle". And it's actually quite significant for us, as a human who is always forget but yet Allah have always and will continuously gives us the chance to repent from all the mistakes and wrongdoings that we have done as long as we alive and not reach our ending-time yet.

The hot water inside the kettle represents the big sins that people may commit. And the frog signifies us, the always-forget-human-being.

Let us imagine that we are the frogs that jump straight into the kettle containing hot water. How do we feel? We'll straight away realize that the hot water make us feel uncomfortable and we'll jump outside the kettle as fast as we can.

Taken from Google Image

However, let us imagine that we are the frogs that stay inside the kettle since the kettle had not yet been boiled. The kettle is been heated slowly and as time goes by, our body resistance towards the heat is increasing. Until one point, we already feel nothing about the hot water surrounds us and we just choose to stay inside the kettle. And once the temperature reach its maximum, it is already too late for us to get out from it.

Big sins usually starts with small sins that we commit continuously. As time goes by, the small sins had turned to be our daily routine and we feel so comfortable in doing it. And finally, it had turned out to be the big sins. 

People will not easily starts committing crimes. They usually start by making a simple bad habit or bad thing that can be count as small before they have the courage to commit the big ones. And the moral of this "frog inside the kettle" story is, be careful with a small sin that we usually did, and try to replace it with a small good thing or else, we'll be drown inside the hot water that we actually have trained our own heart to be comfortable with.

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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