Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sharing: Tanpamu Apa Jadinya Aku...~

Alhamdulillah :) :) :)

I am so glad since I finally managed to do it although there were some circumstances that I would say out of my control while conducting the ceremony. Being an MC for kindergarten kids' ceremony is not an easy task. It needs lots of patience, and ability to handle such kind of unexpected situation is really needed.

Can you imagine when the kids are about to enter the stage when I am not ready yet to announce, and when the time comes, some of the kids want to have their milk before doing the performance? -_- After all, it is such an awesome moment that I will always remember till the end of my time. 

Some of the kids during rehearsal. :)
The special guest of the ceremony also had shared with all the audience about THREE law of attraction that everyone shall realize & try to practice in educating their kids:

1. Be thankful.
2. Dream big.
3. Never give up.

Dear mothers/fathers/future fathers/future mothers, please always remember these three points when your time comes :D

And I was totally touched with the final performance by 6 years old students, special for their teachers. However, I cannot recorded the performance since I were also near to the stage by that time ;'( And the song that they were performing do remind me of my previous teachers, who had been directly & indirectly makes me for who I am today...

Taken from here.

pagiku cerahku
matahari bersinar…
ku gendong tas merahku di pundak…
slamat pagi semua
ku nantikan dirimu
di depan kelasku menantikan kami..
guruku tersayang
guru tercinta
tanpamu apa jadinya aku…
tak bisa baca tulis
mengerti banyak hal..
guruku terima kasihku…
nakalnya diriku kadang buatmu marah…
namun segala maaf kau berikan..

guruku tersayang …
guru tercinta tanpamu apa jadinya aku…
tak bisa baca tulis mengerti banyak hal…
guruku terima kasihku…

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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