Monday, October 10, 2011

Discovery: 9-10-11 :) ~

Alhamdulillah, after gone through such a traumatic yet wonderful experience on a beautiful date, 9-10-11, I still manage to breath till this moment! Seriously, I will never forget the yesterday's moment till the end of my time. 

Depart from UTP as early at 4.30 am, it takes 9 of us approximately 4.5 hours to reach Fraser Hill. There were two cars, and we stopped at RNR Ulu Bernam for about 45 minutes to perform Fajr prayer and take our breakfast. Once we reached Fraser Hill at about 830 am, we need to report ourselves at Fraser Hill Police Station prior to start our hiking at Pine Tree Hill. 

The pictures of us. Before and during the expedition. :)

Overall, our hiking takes about 12 hours. We started at 9 am, and we reached the entrance trail back at 9 pm. This time, this expedition was totally adventurous since we're not only doing hiking, but night jungle trekking as well. Haha :D Trust me, it was so traumatic and I think this will be my last hiking in my life. The night jungle trekking was soooooooo memorable that I think I don't want to experience it again. @_@ Accidentally seeing things that u don't wanna see somehow makes the heart beat faster. -_-

Below are some pictures taken using my phone, but not necessarily taken by me. I also do not know who takes the pics since there were numbers of photographers :D

 This sign will demotivated you in the beginning but boost your energy towards ending. :D

 The Anthill. So big, Subhanallah!

 In the middle of the journey [1]

 In the middle of the journey. [2]

 Spring water. We stopped here for about 10 minutes. 

 Rumput gunung, I think. At the peak of Pine Tree Hill.

 From the peak of Pine Tree Hill. So amazing!

 Batu Sempadan Tiga Negeri at the peak of Pine Tree Hill; Perak, Selangor & Pahang.

 Taken on the way back to entrance trail.

At the 1st peak of Pine Tree Hill. Only 7 of us continue the hiking due to some reasons. :)

For those who rarely doing hiking, Pine Tree Hill is not the best hill for you. Seriously, I meant it. Doing hiking here needs you to have a very fit stamina or else you'll end up like me. Haha :D Whatever it is, I hope my pain will recover soon, and those who're planning to climb this hill, make sure the first thing you do is reporting yourself at Fraser Hill Police Station. And at this entry also, I would like to express my gratitude to all policemen there for all your kindness and co-operation, and also for saving us last night :)

~berdoa dan terus mengharapkan redha Illahi...~

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